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Solidarity Funding Support for the 26th ICMI Study Conference (Advances in Geometry Education)

One of the aims of the ICME Study Conferences is to have a balanced representation of presenters and delegates from all over the world. Some resources secured from Conference registration fees and other philanthropic sources (including support from Trent University) will be devoted to supporting this intent. 

To this point, delegates from developing countries of the world have the possibility to seek support from this 26th ICMI Study Solidarity Fund. Grants, up to 550 Euros per applicant, will provide partial support with registration fees and accommodation expenses incurred in attending the Study. All potential applicants are advised to apply for funding from other sources as well.

The deadline for applications is February 20, 2024.

 Criteria to prioritize the applications.

 The applications received will be ordered taking into account the following criteria:

  1. The economic situation of the applicant’s country of origin, according to the definition and classification of developing countries published by the IMU (
  2. The relevance of the applicant’s participation in the conference, in terms of their implication in the conference’s activities and its benefits for the applicant’s country.


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